Message from AHIA President:
William "Bill" Hanson - Tucson Police Homicide Unit

Greetings, Welcome to the Arizona Homicide Investigators Association website. This website offers you various sections, from board members, Non-AHIA training, photo gallery, to membership applications, and upcoming training. Please feel free to familiarize yourself with the different sections.

It has always been the goal of the Association to bring current real time training to the field, and not the out dated classes that are sometimes seen when it comes to Death Investigation.

This past year we tried to offer the best training available at an affordable price. With the new-year we will continue our goal of giving our members four free quarterly trainings and an Advanced Homicide Course for a nominal fee. At our Board of Directors meeting in January, the board discussed several trainings that members have wanted to see. This year we are planning the following:

• 1st Quarterly training: Officer Involved Shootings - Tucson Ops West
February 20, 2015

• *Advanced Homicide Investigation ($275.00/person) - Chandler PD
April 2015 - Date TBA (week long class)

• 2nd Quarterly training: Drowning Deaths - Phoenix at MCSO
May 2015 - Date TBA

• 3rd Quarterly training: Ballistic Review with Luke Haag - Flagstaff
July or August 2015 - Date TBA

• *AHIA Annual Conference - Las Vegas, NV
October 5th - 8th, 2015

• 4th Quarterly training: Terrorism - Phoenix
November 2015 - Date/Location TBA

Classes are subject to change without notice; please refer to the training section on the website for the actual training dates as they are posted. Please review the Training section of our website to sign up.
* Denotes a paid class

We will be holding our annual AHIA Conference, which is scheduled for October 5th-9th, 2015. Vice-President Matt Murray and I are working to obtain instructors who are subject matter professionals in the field of Child Death. Betsy "The Sarge" Ratner-Smith will be our keynote speaker. You will probably see "Buck Savage" at the conference too! As usual, we hope to have some free tuition to our members that cannot afford to attend. We will post class information as soon as possible. Please check the website, or contact Matt or myself for additional information.

As with any training, we need your input into what type of classes you'd like to see presented in the future. You may contact me or anyone else on the Board with your ideas on how to better the Association. I invite you to become a member and help with our concerted effort to solve homicides, and share your knowledge in violent crime investigation.

If you have any questions or training needs, please contact me personally.


Bill Hanson
William "Bill" Hanson, AHIA President
Tucson Police Department

Current Events Section

Registration deadline 10/13/15

Threat Recognition Training
November 13, 2015
Phoenix, AZ

Go to our training page for
Special Registration Requirements

Non-Ahia Training

Buried Body Recovery Seminar
Peoria, AZ
October 14-16, 2015
More Information Here

Non-Ahia Training

Investigative Analysis Training
Peoria, AZ
August 24th-28th, 2015
More Information Here

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