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We have three categories of training - FREE, PAID, and NON-AHIA Training.

To register for this training (excluding non-AHIA training) You Must be a current AHIA Member AND current on your annual dues. Not an AHIA Member? Click Here to become a Member! As a reminder, all dues paid in any calendar year expire December 31st of each year!

AHIA Free Training provided by AHIA for current members. You Must Be a current AHIA to attend Free AHIA Training. If you see free AHIA training posted on our website and you are not a member, simply become a member and then you may attend the training. AHIA Membership is only $25 a year. Once you have paid for membership, all of the remaining free training opportunites for that calendar year are free to you as well.

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AHIA Paid Training is provided by AHIA for current members, but there is a cost for the training. We normally offer two (2) paid training opportunities each calendar year. Examples of paid training would be our basic or advanced homicide classes, which are 1 to 2 days of high-quality training within the state of Arizona. We also offer a 3.5 day Annual Conference, which is paid training. All paid training opportunities require AHIA Membership.

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Non-AHIA Training is posted to our website when AHIA is contacted by various entities and offered training opportunities for AHIA Members. Often, these training opportunities are discounted training classes. Non-AHIA training classes are not hosted by AHIA, nor does AHIA take any part in the registration and/or payment process for these tranining classes. for Non-AHIA Training.

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