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Our plans for our members during the next year

As a reminder - To register for any AHIA training You Must be a current AHIA Member AND current on your annual dues. Click Here to renew your annual dues. Not an AHIA Member, Click Here to become one. All membership dues paid at any time during the calendar year expire December 31st of each year.

1st Quarter 2020 - January 22nd to January 23nd (2-days)
This training will be held at the Mesa Police Department Shooting Range Navajo West Classroom / Range #3.CLICK HERE for details.

We are planning our member training for 2020, so please check back soon. We will post our projected 2020 training on this page. We sometimes experience issues with venues, instructors who need to cancel, and other issues that arise. As such, this is projected training and it is subject to change.

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There will be more information soon - please check back.

Our Training Plans

for calendar year 2020

4th Quarter 2019 - (Completed)

1st Quarter 2020 - (Completed)

2nd Quarter 2020 - pending...

3rd Quarter 2020 - pending...

4th Quarter 2020 - pending...

Conference 2020 - pending...


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