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Casey Rucker

Arizona Homicide Investigators Association
AHIA Executive Board Vice-President

Casey Rucker - AHIA Vice-President

Casey Rucker is a detective with the City of Flagstaff Police Department. He has been with the Flagstaff Police Department for 13 years. His investigative career began with an assignment to the Northern Arizona Street Crimes Task Force, more commonly known as "METRO." There, he worked in an undercover capacity for a little over a year until he was promoted out of the unit. METRO is a street crimes task force, and would often assist all law enforcement agencies throughout Coconino County with criminal investigations ranging from burglary to homicide.

His detective career began about 8 years ago. He began working as a general investigator assigned to a specific neighborhood, and then began working fraud and identity theft cases before transferring case assignments to his current area of investigation which is crimes against people (East Flagstaff). This case load includes child molest, sexual assault, aggravated assault, robbery, sudden death, and homicide. He is also assigned to the Northern Arizona Officer Involved Shooting team. As such, he has assisted with these investigations throughout Northern Arizona. He has also attended and coordinated training for the participating agencies.

Over the years, he has developed and fostered relationships with investigators throughout Northern Arizona. He works closely with the Coconino County Sheriff s Department , the Northern Arizona University Police department, the Department of Public Safety, the Williams Police Department, the Page Police Department, and the Flagstaff Office of the Federal Bureau of the Investigation, just to name a few.

His colleagues and he have been members of the Arizona Homicide Investigators Association for several years. He values the AHIA for the training, ways to improve our investigative techniques, and knowledge as it relates to death and homicide investigations.

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