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AHIA Member Renewal

This page is intended for AHIA Members who need to pay their annual dues.
If you have never been an AHIA member, this is not the page for you.

Member Renewal Page

AHIA dues cover your membership for one calendar year, January 1 - December 31. Although you may not receive a dues reminder each year, they are due before March 25th of each year.

If your member dues are not current, you will be required to renew them before attending any 'Free Quarterly Training'.

As a reminder for your taxes, AHIA is a Tax Excempt 501(c)(3) Organization. As such, if you or your business would like to donate to our organization, visit our Donate Page.

IMPORTANT - Membership is required to attend free training.

Renewal Options

1.    Are you paying by credit card? If so, use the links below, pay on-line and NO forms are required.
                Accepted forms of payment:  thumb  thumb  thumb  thumb

2.    If you are Paying By Check or Purchase Order, please download a 'Renewal Membership Form', fill it out and mail it back to us with your check and/or purchase order.

New in 2018 !!!!
Member dues will no longer have a late fee after March 25. Member dues will be $25 all year long.
If you need to verify your membership or membership payment, please send an email to Mike Coddington and CC it to Mike Kinsey.   They will work out the details via email with you.  Below is their contact info:   -

Renewing by check

If you are an individual paying by personal check or an agency representative paying for one or more officers by check or purchase order, please use the button below and get our 'Renewal Membership Form'. You Must download this form, fill it out, and return it in the mail with your personal/agency check or agency purchase order.

Get Renewal Membership Form

Make Checks Payable to:      Arizona Homicide Investigators Association

After completing the 'Renewal Membership Form', mail the completed form with your personal/agency check or agency purchase order to us at:

      Arizona Homicide Investigators Association
      P.O. BOX 1586
      Tempe, AZ 85280-1586
       This is a secure website:  

Renewing by Credit Card

Member Renewals
per person
  • Member Renewals Only
  • No pprice increase.
Retired Members
per person
  • Retired Member Renewals Only
  • No price increase

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Welcome AHIA Members

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