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Jennifer Kochanski

Arizona Homicide Investigators Association
AHIA Board Member

Jennifer Kochanski - AHIA Board Member

Jennifer Kochanski was hired by the Department of Public Safety in March of 2001 as a Forensic Scientist in the Toxicology section. In 2004, Jennifer became the training coordinator for the Unit and was responsible for the competency training of all new Toxicologists hired by the Department. During her Toxicology career, she was the Department liaison between the Lab and DRE program coordinators, including the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. In 2009, Jennifer became a supervisor in the Toxicology unit where she was primarily responsible for case and personnel management.

In November of 2012, Jennifer, along with another DPS scientist, created the DPS Crime Scene Response Team (CSRT). The CSRT is responsible for providing assistance to law enforcement agencies across the State of Arizona in the identification, documentation, and collection of evidence in serious felony investigations. As a member of the CSRT, Jennifer has responded to over 100 crime scenes and has provided training and guidance to both detectives and prosecutors on crime scene management and processing. She is also an instructor at the Phoenix Regional Police Academy.

In January of 2014, Jennifer became the supervisor of the DNA Property Crimes Unit and Photography Lab in addition to supervising the CSRT.

In August of 2016, Jennifer was promoted to Central Regional Manager and now manages and coordinates the Statewide DNA program while also continuing to manage the Crime Scene Response Team and DPS Photographers. Finally, Jennifer has been a member of AHIA since 2014 and, through AHIA, continues to be given opportunities to provide training on crime scene and DNA topics to homicide detectives across the State.

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